Will Solar Panels Increase My EPC Score? A Comprehensive Guide

Is it true that installing solar panels could increase your EPC rating? This is a question many landlords are asking as they prepare for the new EPC regulations set to take effect in 2025. In this article, we'll delve into the influence of solar panels on EPC scores, helping landlords make informed decisions about energy efficiency improvements.

Solar Panels helping a landlord get band c on EPC

The Importance of EPC Ratings for Landlords

Recent updates to the MEES regulations have brought the significance of EPC ratings to the forefront for landlords. By 2025, rental properties must achieve an EPC band C rating or higher. Failure to meet this requirement can impact a landlord's ability to let their property. We'll explore how solar panels fit into this equation.

Solar Panels and EPC Ratings

The impact of solar panels on a property's EPC score is complex. While solar panels are an excellent renewable energy source, their influence on your EPC rating depends on multiple factors, including the property's existing EPC score and its energy efficiency features.

Factors That Affect Your Property's EPC Rating

While solar panels can contribute to improving your EPC score, other elements play a role as well. These factors include your property's insulation, heating system and windows, among others. We'll discuss these elements and how they contribute to the overall EPC rating.

Increasing Your Property's EPC Rating

To successfully meet the EPC band C requirements by 2025, landlords may need to consider a more comprehensive approach to energy efficiency. While solar panels could be part of the solution, they might not be the entire answer.


Will solar panels increase your EPC score? While they can certainly contribute, it's important to remember that achieving an EPC rating of C or higher often requires a more holistic approach to energy efficiency. For a complete understanding of the right steps to take, reach out to our team for a full property assessment.