Loft Insulation: How it can Improve Your EPC Score

Navigating the world of EPC ratings, MEES regulations, and the upcoming new EPC regulations for landlords in 2025 can seem daunting. However, as a landlord, it's important to understand the significance of your property's EPC rating. In this article, we will discuss how loft insulation can help improve your EPC score - a vital factor for any landlord.

Understanding the EPC Score

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) score assesses how energy efficient your property is. This is becoming increasingly important with the MEES regulations and upcoming EPC rental changes. By 2025, the new EPC minimum rating for rented properties is expected to be band C, an elevation from the current band E requirement.

The Power of Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to improve your property's EPC rating. It works by slowing down the transfer of heat between your property's interior and the outside world, thereby retaining more warmth within the house during colder months and keeping it cooler during summer. Around 80% of the properties that we survey do not meet the minimum recommended amount of 270mm for maximum points on the EPC score.

Impact on EPC Rating

Loft insulation can have a considerable impact on your property's EPC rating. Not only does it provide immediate benefits by making your property more energy-efficient, but it also helps meet the expected EPC C rating requirement by 2025.

Installing Loft Insulation

While loft insulation can be a DIY project, for the best results (and to potentially reach that desired EPC band C), it's recommended to hire professionals. They can evaluate your property and suggest the most suitable type of insulation, ensuring optimal energy efficiency.

Grants and Financial Assistance

Fortunately, there are grants available to landlords for installing loft insulation. These initiatives are part of efforts to reach the EPC band C requirements outlined in the MEES regulations 2025. It's worth exploring these to minimize out-of-pocket costs.


Loft insulation is a win-win for landlords and tenants alike. Not only does it help improve the EPC rating of your rental property, making it more appealing to tenants and compliant with new EPC regulations for landlords in 2025, but it also offers cost savings in the long run.

Don't wait for the new EPC regulations 2025 to come into effect. Take proactive steps today to improve your rental property's EPC score. Whether you're aiming to achieve an EPC C rating by 2025 or just want to make your property more energy-efficient, loft insulation is a great starting point.