About Us

Welcome to EPC Band C, we're EPC consultants helping landlords in navigate the evolving landscape of Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations. We specialise in providing landlords with expert guidance and consultancy services, making the process of achieving higher EPC scores straightforward and stress-free.

Our History

Our goal is to help landlords navigate the complexities of evolving EPC legislation. Our professional background as EPC assessors has equipped us with a wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of the industry. This expertise allows us to offer strategic insights on cost-efficient routes to upgrade properties to an EPC Band C, thereby enhancing their energy efficiency, value, and market appeal.

Our Mission and Values

At the heart of our operation is a commitment to demystifying the EPC process for our clients. We understand that keeping up with changing legislation can be challenging, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Our mission is to ensure that your properties are not only compliant with the anticipated 2025 EPC legislation but are also on the right track towards achieving a higher EPC rating. We value transparency, integrity, and above all, your success.


Our services extend beyond simple EPC assessments. We take pride in offering comprehensive guidance to landlords, helping them understand the most effective and cost-efficient steps to improve their properties' energy performance. From suggesting simple upgrades like energy-efficient lighting or enhanced loft insulation, to outlining more complex modifications, we illuminate the path towards achieving the coveted EPC Band C.

Location and Service Area

Although we are based in Warrington, our services extend nationwide. No matter the size of your portfolio, from a handful of properties to hundreds, we aim to simplify the EPC process for you. We handle everything for our clients, from arranging appointments directly with the tenants, to delivering comprehensive reports that detail the property's current energy efficiency status and offer specific, practical steps to enhance its EPC rating.

Contact Us

Have questions or ready to schedule a service? We're here to support you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries or to get started on improving your properties' EPC ratings.