Helping Landlords Achieve
Band C on EPCs

Get Your Rental Property to EPC Band C

Are you prepared for the upcoming Landlord EPC changes? We guide landlords through the evolving EPC regulations. Our services make the process of achieving higher EPC scores for your rental properties straightforward and stress-free, ensuring compliance with the anticipated 2025 EPC legislation.

With our deep knowledge as EPC assessors, we offer strategic insights on cost-efficient routes to upgrade your properties to an EPC Band C. Don't let the changes overwhelm you - we're here to enhance your properties' energy efficiency, value, and market appeal with our specialised Landlord EPC services.

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Expert EPC Consultancy Services for Landlords

Are you wondering, "How To Improve EPC Rating of a Rental Property? Will it cost a fortune? Should I consider selling?" With the proposed changes to the EPC legislation, landlords face a myriad of questions and concerns. Some landlords may contemplate exiting the rental market due to this uncertainty, leaving a growing pool of renters vying for fewer available rentals.

We're here to illuminate your path towards achieving the coveted EPC Band C. We provide comprehensive guidance, helping landlords like you understand the most effective, cost-efficient steps to improve your properties' energy performance. From simple upgrades like energy-efficient lighting or enhanced loft insulation to more complex modifications, we'll show you every step to take. Plus, we can guide you towards the financial assistance available to make these improvements more affordable.

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Bulk EPCs Across Your Portfolio

Our clients need an EPC company they can trust to keep their portfolios up to date. We handle everything for them. They provide us a list of their properties and we complete the EPCs and provide recommendations to improve the scores.

Our team arranges appointments directly with the tenants, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. We respect the privacy and schedules of your tenants, managing the process with professionalism and courtesy. After each assessment, we deliver comprehensive reports that detail the property's current energy efficiency status and offer specific, practical steps to enhance its EPC rating.

Regardless of the size of your portfolio, from a handful of properties to hundreds, our mission is to simplify the EPC process for you. With our help, you can navigate the changing landscape of EPC legislation confidently, secure in the knowledge that your properties are not only compliant, but also on the right track towards achieving the desired EPC Band C.

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